The Nature of Silence

The Nature of Silence

Silence has many qualities. There is the silence between two noises, the silence between two musical notes and the silence that expands in the interval between two thoughts.
There is also a peculiar silence, quiet, penetrating, that emanates from a sunset in the countryside; There is also the silence through which you hear the barking of a dog coming from a distance, or the whistle of a train; there is the silence of a house when everyone is asleep and its peculiar intensity when one wakes up in the middle of the night. 
There is the silence of an old abandoned house, the silence of the mountain and the silence shared by two human beings when both have seen the same thing, they have felt the same and they have acted.
This show has two versions: a longer for theatres and a short one for unconventional spaces.


Direction and creation: Beatriz Palenzuela Martinez

Asistant direction: Rafael de la Rafael De La Lastra

Choreography: Beatriz Palenzuela in colaboration with the dancers 

Dancers: María Redondo Zahonero, Marcos García Casanova, Rafael de la Lastra and Beatriz Palenzuela

Text: Beatriz Palenzuela.

Set and Wardrobe Design: Babirusa Danza

Lighting Design Sergio G. Domínguez

Sound Space: Babirusa Danza

Production: Inés Gutiérrez Arciniega / IMPULSART

Duration: 50 minutes aprox.