Tar and Feathers



First Price in Certamen DeUnaPieza 2013 Universidad Carlos III Madrid in its short version for unconventionual venues. 

Brea y Plumas has two formats: One on stage and another short version for unconventional venues

Choreographic Production Support by Madrid Government (Comunidad de Madrid, 2014)Creation Residency in Coreógrafos en Comunidad in Conde Duque Madrid, Technic Residency  in  Centro de Creación La Nave del Duende Cáceres and Residence in Centro de Danza Canal Madrid.

The project builds on the experiences during the social movements of 15M in Madrid and makes us rethink the expression "you are a chicken". In these times of crisis we all get carried away by the flow of events. We are all responsible for what happens. Oppression, fear and manipulation are installed throughout society. In this very dark picture the possibility of finding another path to hope arises.

The choreographer engages in a solo where her mask is identified with that of a man, a dance through repressive gestures identified with patriarchy, characters like Hitler and Mussolini with his arm raised. Memories of those dictatorships of the past and present. Patriarchy was the first structure of domination and subordination of history and even today remains a basic system of domination, the most powerful and enduring inequality and the least perceived as such.

The body reflects on these times so hard and also of infinite possibilities. From here comes Brea y Plumas (Brea and Feathers), a song of hope, a reflection on the being and its complex paths, generating a change where to find and allow ourselves a space to be free.